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McLuhan's mentor at the University of Manitoba, Rupert Lodge, published two essays in The Dalhousie...

By McEwen, on 08/29/2019

Dalhousie Review in 1936: 'Chesterton: A Practical Mystic'. But in 1963 he also published a review[1...

By McEwen, on 08/27/2019

Dalhousie Review in Halifax, then just happened to catch the eye of Fr Gerald Phelan in Toronto, who, "oddly...

By McEwen, on 10/01/2016

Of that paper in The Dalhousie Review. Similarly again in his note to Maritain that "I became a...

By McEwen, on 10/03/2016

Still in Cambridge! Here is the cover of the Dalhousie Review from January 1936 with its table of...

By McEwen, on 09/24/2016

At Dalhousie University until 1969. He was laid to rest on Lynn Island, Lake of the Woods. For a time...

By McEwen, on 09/04/2019

Rupert Lodge's 1934 ‘Philosophy and Education’[1. Dalhousie Review, 14:3, 1934, 281-290. The...

By McEwen, on 09/06/2019

Are from McLuhan's Chesterton essay which first appeared in The Dalhousie Review for January 1936...

By McEwen, on 07/09/2017

. Chesterton: A Practical Mystic' in 1936.[1. The Dalhousie Review, January 1936. See the Chesterton posts...

By McEwen, on 08/24/2019

PEI and, after studying in England and Europe, taught at Acadia and Dalhousie before becoming the...

By McEwen, on 05/10/2019

Fact for The Dalhousie Review -- and that Elsie would have understood this.  As will be detailed in a...

By McEwen, on 04/13/2015

Portrait of McLuhan is preserved in a paper which Lodge published in 1934 in the Dalhousie Review...

By McEwen, on 09/04/2019

, may be indicated by the fact that in 1936 McLuhan's first paper for the Dalhousie Review ('Chesterton: A...

By McEwen, on 02/28/2020

Appeared in the same issue of The Dalhousie Review as an important essay by Innis).[1. Of course, Innis...

By McEwen, on 05/10/2018